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The Doorway is a direct community response to young people on the street in Calgary choosing to rejoin society. There are significant gaps in what systems say they want to do to help these young people, and what they actually accomplish. In the late 80’s The Doorway was designed to address these gaps. An understanding of the differences between street culture and mainstream culture led to the development of a self-determined strategic planning process to make lasting change.

The Doorway has learned self-determination is key to personal change.


The Planning Process


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Providing a framework for effective change.

MYPLAN is The Doorway’s software specifically designed to facilitate the planning process. It’s a 24 month commitment of 200 steps focusing on 13 Life categories.
Priorities and choices build the steps to make lasting change.

"No solution can be found until everyone understands the problem" - A Participant.

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SAFE is such a BIG WORD!
SAFE is such a BIG WORD!

One of my favorite movies was Aladdin and in particular, the engaging and energetic Iago* who added so much humor and color and food for thought to the story. His strategy of repeating the sentence: “… _____ is such…

True Leadership is Leading People to Themselves
True Leadership is Leading People to Themselves

A reflection: ‘our responsibility to our children and young people.’  If anyone really HAD written a HOW-TO book for new parents, this would be the most powerful theme and leading thought frame. The success of each child in being…

Empathy Resides in Shared Personhood
Empathy Resides in Shared Personhood

I woke up this morning remembering a tall, beautiful, talented, bright young woman whose life connected to our streets ended in violence and her death. As I reflected, I was reminded of the statement made by a young man…

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