Items in need

Our Christmas Wish List: 

  • Hygiene and Personal Care
  • Men’s Deodorant
  • Women’s Deodorant
  • Men’s Shaving Cream
  • Women’s Shaving Cream
  • Lip chap
  • Tooth Brushes
  • Tooth brush Covers
  • Travel size toothpaste
  • Travel size mouth wash
  • Dental floss
  • Pocket size Kleenex
  • Clothing (hoodies, jeans, sweat pants, leggings etc.please keep in mind The Doorway support young people 17-24!)
  • Shoelaces
  • Men’s underwear size small & medium
  • Women’s underwear (bras and panties all sizes)
  • Hand warmers
  • Adult Mini gloves
  • Men’s socks
  • Women’s socks
  • Men’s boots and shoes

A Gift for Each Young Person: 

Please know The Doorway ensures each young person gets a $25 gift of their choosing at our Christmas Celebration. We invite community to participate in a couple of ways:

  1. Be a gift shopper: E-mail [email protected] to sign up and give the gift of your shopping skills! We will begin asking our young people for their gift requests in November and soon after can prepare a shopping list for you. Receipts with proof of purchase will be reimbursed upon drop off.
  2.  Donate a young person’s Christmas: E-mail [email protected] to donate to cover the cost of a young persons gift. $25 = 1 young person’s Christmas covered, $50 = 2 young people’s Christmas covered
  3. Be a gift wrapper: Join us at our Christmas Open House (Date TBD) as we wrap all the Christmas gifts and prepare for our Christmas celebration the next day.