Young people continue to inspire us every day with their desire and ability to plan their lives forward. Each day we learn about their lives, their dreams and their plans. We embrace their thoughts and admire their drive. Many of our participants have lived hard lives, they come from families which struggled, systems that acted as a substitute for families but didn’t suffice and often a lifetime of hurt and disappointment. Though each one of their stories is different we know at some point they chose to live in a different context, be a part of a sub-culture, to live what they call “street life”. We know from their stories the streets are violent, flooded with drugs and alcohol and the lifestyle is cyclical and addicting. If you aren’t careful; there are many ways to die on the street. But we also know from their stories the streets have a level of safety society doesn’t offer them; acceptance. They have built loyal families on the streets, they have brothers, sisters, uncles and mothers who accept them, love them and get them. They learn alternate life skills that carry them thru their street jobs and they have learnt how to survive on their own. They don’t have to play by societies rules, it’s them against the world. The street becomes familiar and mainstream living becomes seemingly impossible; but what we hear and see in them is there are pieces inside of them that still or now desire to be a part of mainstream society. For some street life has gotten old, or they have gotten too old for street life. For others the systems in charge of prohibiting people from living outside of the norm have destroyed their world of freedom. They are losing the ‘us against them’. We accept these young people for their choices, and we accept them for who they are but we also embrace who they want to be and we see who they can be. They show us every day.

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