Something Has to Change

I did not know of you
…until after 

I did not know you but
I saw your beautiful face
Your engaging smile
Your bright eyes  
Filled with such potential
…and I cried
I read what those who  
Knew and loved you said
…and I cried
When I walk up on Nose Hill
I often feel a connection to you
…and I cry
I did not know you
But I really would have wanted to 

Maybe I would have made you  
Your favourite cake
Not saying that would have fixed your pain
But it might have started a conversation
And maybe we would have just sat together  
And talked about other desserts you liked
And maybe after all the talk of food
When some trust had been built
I would have just sat and listened
To your hopes and dreams
Maybe…just maybe

-Someone who wants to better understand

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