Engaging Youth, Engaging Community Part 1

As we prepared for our Engaging Youth, Engaging Community Events we asked young people at The Doorway a couple questions to ensure we represented them well and brought their voice to the conversation. The alignment between their perspective and last nights community members dialogue was both impressive and impactful. We are looking forward to today. Event link: https://thedoorway.ca/event/engaging-youth-engaging-community/


  • Anjuu Shah
    Posted April 27, 2018 9:56 am 0Likes

    What the individuals are saying comes from deep down. As a mom, I would have to say we, the parents, need parenting classes before we bring in little ones. We have no experience whatsoever. How do we know how to deal with these precious children? That needs to be part of community. Another thing is when kids get in the school system, that becomes their first home, where the teacher and the school guardians see our children daily for so many years, that is where each child needs to be treated as an individual…no comparison with siblings, others or judged. We need moms or dads to stay home during the tender years. This is our social system that needs to bring Change.

    • The Doorway
      Posted May 1, 2018 12:40 pm 0Likes

      Thank you Anjuu! Teachers and parents do serve such a critical role in our society… we must ensure they are well cared for and supported to raise our children. Appreciation for a mothers voice!

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