our trusted and generous friend

Today we learned a trusted and generous friend has passed from our world.

His pragmatic and generous spirit impacted the young people at The Doorway in personal and useful ways. He understood that young people need the space and opportunity to think for themselves and to self determine their choices to learn and trust their own capabilities.

He knew they needed better work boots than they could afford. He knew warm coats became a valued find when winter comes. He knew gift certificates for personal shopping reinforced respect and trust and tangible evidence of the attention and belief of community people in their potential to achieve their own goals. When his new work-boots disappeared from his unlocked carry bag at an airport and were exchanged for worn and broken old ones, he understood that need is to be respected and understood and not always criminalized by privileged perspectives.

His generous heart never introduced judgement or assessment into opportunities to assist young people using our business planning process by replacing aging technology and hardware with new computers and printers and follow up to ensure performance of the same. He was the unseen provider of recognition and response to the hard work of young people transitioning their lives to employable adult participation in our economy.

Unannounced and unheralded, he impacted young people who will never meet him. It was his way of participating in life that made his value difficult to no longer know. A diligent champion in our corner, he will be profoundly missed. Unconditional support and trust is rare. It is also the truest embrace of how best to commit to life and to engaged citizenship.

Heartfelt appreciation to the significant friends who enjoyed life alongside him. We are all richer to have known his participation in our lives.
Today we learned a trusted and generous friend has passed from our world.

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