The Trans-mission of Life

The Trans-mission of life.  Ugly, Gross, Freak.  These are but a few of the hateful words spoken towards the Trans individual, and community as a whole.  Life’s not easy when everyone on the train constantly stares at you, curious as to what you actually are.  We are Human. No less than those who don’t share our curse.  The daily struggle for acceptance of the Trans individual is very real.  In other parts of the world, that is an understatement. Still, even in our very accepting society, groups still endure discrimination on varying levels.  Some verbal. Some physical.  Some are even fatal.  We must learn how to “fool” society to avoid inevitable, awkward and potentially dangerous encounters.  What happens when a Trans woman is told she doesn’t move very feminine? Or that she has a deep voice?  It slowly erodes her vision of her true self.  Forcing her to abide by social binaries.  

So before you start to judge anyone who is or may be Transgender or any of its sub-labels, just remember that we all bleed red, and all sleep under the same moonlight.


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