Passing and lonely
Dark cold of night.
A window becomes the center
Of Stranger’s down casted sight.

This window, though frosted
Is warmed by something almost felt.
The scene that is captured
So warm it caused winter to melt.

Feet are now frozen
Stranger’s stiff and silent.
The colors of a life
Paint a portrait of how love is meant.

This precious moment holds
A stranger this night.
Caught by flames
Of fire and candle lite.

A moment enough to feel warmth 
Through the glass.
As a family shares their life
It seems as though time does not pass.

A fine feed of life
A meal is set.
Expressions of caring
Stranger’s eyes are now wet.

No special occasion
Just togetherness.
Tears now fill the eyes
Of a friend of loneliness.

Mother looks up
Seeing window no longer bare.
Other faces peer out
At the face frozen there.

Poor Stranger, feeling guilty
For intruding and such.
Tries to smile and nod
Hoping not to bother too much.

But a door opens up
Before escape can be made.
As a cloaked figure bids Stranger
Need not be afraid.

“Please come and warm up,
Have something to eat”
“Come inside, I insist,
Please have a seat.”

Hesitation is Stranger’s
Only response to this plea.
How could she be a part of
The scene that they see.

But insistence accompanied 
By the biting cold.
Stranger is speechless
But lo and behold.

Drawn to the fireside
Through the door.
As if destiny would not allow her
To be alone anymore.

So precious the world
When a family is yours.
And more precious a family
What makes a stranger part of theirs.


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