When you Decide

Time ticks slowly but surely,
 All you can think of
 Is how the tables are going to turn
 And are you on the right side
 This time around.
As you look at everyone around you
 In the same mind state
 And wondering who’s going to pull shady next
 It’s always a fight to watch your back
 N try to find those who got yours…
 Cause in the end
 Really all you can trust is yourself…
As that time ticks by
 You sit there and think
 What am I really doing with my life?
 I deserve better…
 As you see all the plots and schemes
 Going through everyone’s mind
 It’s a dog eat dog world
 You don’t want this…
It disgusts you
 To see your friends be like this
 And not have a care anymore
 And they won’t listen to you
 Because they don’t see what you see yet
 You can’t wait forever for them to realize you decide
So you pick yourself up
 And walk away from everyone and everything
 Looking back once to make sure
 You made the right decision
 And what you see is good people
 Wasting away
 Just a scene of total destruction
 And that’s when you decide
 I’m not going back…


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