Then what happened?

22% accessed a substance abuse health service… within 30 days… Then what happened?

Did they fall thru the cracks of our health care system? Were there not enough services? Were they not fast enough? Were the services not right? Did they feel like no one cared? Did they think they couldn’t do it? Did they feel like a failure… or worthless? Did they go into ‘I don’t care’ mode? Did they go to detox? Treatment? Or slowly wean themselves off? Did they relapse with less tolerance? Were they prescribed a pharmaceutical for a concurrent diagnosis that didn’t mix well with their drugs?

Like any stat there are so many varying hypothetical perspectives that possibly cumulatively make this number profound.

But beyond what this stat says or doesn’t say… we hear 1 in 4 ASKED for some form of help. And AT LEAST 1 in 4 WANTED something to change!

And we are only talking about the 30 days before their passing…

Does this challenge your perspective… bring insight to the lives of those suffering… provoke thought about the road to recovery… raise questions about our systems of care…

It has us thinking…


Statastic Source: Alberta Health, Analytics and Performance Reporting Branch – Alberta Opioid Response Surveillance Report, 2018 Q2

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