Decembers Greatest Gift

Whatever our traditions and belief systems this time of year, the shared thread that holds us all together is about love and good will.

The love and care can be lived out in giving gifts and attention to others. These gestures of the heart often carry through the year as patterns we would like to build into our priorities and plans.

“Good will to All” is not quite as easily achieved. What inspires our empathy in December often fades to indifference or is even forgotten in July. How do we not sustain the value we assigned in December?

Life happens… and competing agendas demand time and attention.

Maybe the greatest gift of December to ourselves is the occasion to pause, look at the ceiling, the stars, the book beside our chair, our neighbors – and each other – and remember what we often miss almost completely in July.

“Good Will to All” could spill over to fill the rest of the year. We just need time to really see and recognize that our time, attention and smiles are a great beginning of making a difference in our world. They are the starting points of building community.

With appreciation to our every day of the year Doorway community!


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