January 7th

Today I sit back and am grateful for where I am today. For me, my New Year starts today because January 7th marks my sobriety date. Today marks 4 years since I have left the haze and confusion that drugs and alcohol were leaving on my mind, body, and life. I like to reflect on where I am today because I made the choice to get and stay clean. I also reflect on where I would be if I hadn’t made the choice to leave that life behind…

Living clean has given me the opportunity to succeed in my growing career, to be healthy, and to travel the world. I’ve accomplished things that never would have been more then a drunken conversation at a kitchen table at 5 AM; because I choose to live sober today. Ideas and ambitions are obtainable, and progress is more then just a dream or an insane thought while I spin in circles.

Addiction is an awful thing that affects not just the person who is trapped in its circular motion of living, but it impacts the people around you. Your loved ones get hurt just like you do, because they watch what you are going through and what you are putting yourself through. Once the addiction is triggered, many people aren’t able to climb out of that hole or able to stop using. Stopping seems impossible, I know it did for me. When you want it, and I mean really want to climb out of the darkness, it is possible.

I want to say to any one who is struggling out there right now, it is possible to climb out. It’s possible to turn your life around even if it feels like there’s no way, I promise you I’ve been there. Feeling like there is no escape is lonely and terrifying. But you aren’t alone, and if you want to reach out, I am here for you anytime.

S.B, 2019

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