I See the Better Day

I See the Better Day

Sitting in the hospital day by day
Wondering how I let myself go astray
Lonely days pass
I go unnoticed
I can’t help the anger
I can’t stay focused
Simply this is the hardest thing I’ve done
Besides thinking of myself as Number One
If I cared for myself I wouldn’t have gotten this way
I learned from this
That’s important to say
Don’t give up so easy
So unbearable
I hate being this way
It’s so unfair ya know
Stringing tears they come in floods
When I think of my family and my “Buds”
I try to read
I try to forget
I try to live without regret
The fear inside me will go away
I will not go away
I’m here to stay
No longer confused
I know my path
Tomorrow is happy and I’ll laugh
I have a pleasant disposition second to none
I will live free and fear no one
Things are brighter and better tomorrow
The thing is I learned
That’s the marrow

– Kim B, 2006

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