Reality Gone Bad

Only through our eyes
Could we understand our cries?
Why we die so young?
Curses on our tongues
No one listens
No one cares
No feelings towards us all despair

Look away, look away
Violence and rage, censored
Too much we frown
World come crashing down
What’s at stake?
For our children’s sake

Can’t someone release me?
I’m getting tired of living so dangerously
I need to be relieved
From the person that I must be
I want to be myself
Not somebody else
Can’t you see where I come from?
What I call home
I can’t keep running
Looking back at my tracks
Watching friend’s die of crack

The snow
How it blows
Up his nose

My best friend john, he’s gone
Had a brush with the reaper
He didn’t see her
In a car that went too far
Coming fast as lightning
I think it’s frightening
Just how fast we can go

Now look at me
And how I need
To look at reality
In a way that you don’t see.


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