My hope in 3 months

I’d like to share where I think I’ll be in 3 months..  
This last year for me has been an intense year of growth for me.   
December I feel quite heavy.   
I’m not sure why or where it has come from but that simply accumulated from stress of life.   
This month I feel heavy & not sure where my path takes me.   
I know I have to really understand to love myself right now.   
I feel it’s very important.   
I also am dealing with an anxiety that seems to be taking over my life.   
My thoughts for this is, I hope somewhere 
I find the strength to overcome this heaviness  
& if I must sit with it, that I do so somewhere restful & safe.   
I see two outcomes right now…  
Both can be. It’s not that life is so hard for me  
It’s that my mind, thoughts take  
Over my life even in times I think  
I’m strong.  
Feels depressing to see a pattern.  
My hope in 3 months is simply  
I continue in a small or big way  
To grow & that heaviness is  

Maybe just a little less  
Painful, powerful.  
I believe.  


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