If we all did the things we are really capable of…

‘If we all did the things we are really capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.’ Thomas Edison

Perhaps most people will resonate with this statement as a truth in their experience. Or maybe it will be a surprise thought and a cause to pause while you consider the implications for you. No doubt you will second guess thoughts as they race through your mind…but don’t discard them just yet.

I just spent an hour with a young man who started his 2 years of planning using The Doorway Approach to identify his goals, his starting points, and his strategy to implement them into his life starting this month. His process reflected in spades the introductory quote above.

He commented about his realization that he already knew just what he needed to do. He just was seeking a space to encourage him and give him focused alone time to create his plans to implement his strategies. The critical path of planning is a simple brilliance… a summary of a universal logic track to accomplish what we set out to imagine into practice.

There really is little chance to make an error. The thought is created in steps that you know. The goal is your own. The starting points you are living. If the outcome is skewed, you still have the solid goal and know that another option to achieve your result is only a contemplation away in your brain.

What if plan A doesn’t work? You have learned that it doesn’t and probably why it doesn’t. Already you are wiser and have a broader perspective than when you began to create a second concept of how to make the plan work. It is always win-win.  Learning results contribute to the ongoing life wisdom you covet as experience! Experience is golden.

Every day we witness young people planning their strategies to make change in their lives. Each plan is a strong statement of belief in themselves reinforced with every new goal they name as ready to be tackled.

They lead the way in adopting the intentionality of planning their own goals to achieve the outcomes they seek.  Hope is the flag of possibility. Thinking in possibility is the strongest and shortest distance to success in reaching the place you wish to be in moving forward from today’s starting points.

It is a mystery that most of us are not able to see our potential because we have defined our lives in terms of the people around us instead of clearly seeing and growing the person that is inside us.

Onward! One more time… young people are leading the way!!



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