Hello person on the bus…
I see you every day.
I’m not sure where you are going,
My stop is before yours.
But, every day, we spend ten minutes,
Sitting right across from each other.
The odd thing is we’ve never spoken at all.
Did both our mothers tell us not to talk to strangers?

Hello fellow student.
I sit by you in class.
You take your notes so neatly, I can’t help but doodle.
But every day, we spend 70 minutes,
sitting right beside each other.
It is only strange to me that we’ve never spoken at all?
Are we afraid that others won’t like us?

I want to talk to you…
I don’t mind what about.
The nature of the universe
why my shoes don’t match…
Whether or not you like cheese. I do.
Isolation is a disease.


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