I Promise

Having a step daughter has been a wonderful experience 4 me, it has taught me a lot of things about parenting and responsibilities. The time has finally come where I am having a baby of my own flesh and blood and how very exciting it is for me. I am already feeling the natural feelings of love and affection for a child who hasn’t even entered this world yet, my love for my girlfriend has grown a lot as well, it’s time for me to step up and be a man and that’s what I am and I will do from now on until the day my child is old enough to figure life out for him or herself. I just hope and pray that I’ll be a good father. Something in me tells me that I will be a better father than my own, although he tried and may God rest his soul… I will not do to my children what he did to me… I will not leave and I will never give up. I promise I will always be there no matter what.


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