I apologize

So as the winds of change blow fiercely yet softly upon the burning plain that is my life, I take a deep breath and smile knowing that the blaze that once ravaged my life is over. So now as a phoenix does I must rise from the ashes a stronger and wiser person, as is the trial known as life, for I am at the prima-facie and I must evolve or face the extinction of my very soul. Now the boy that dwells on life’s little issues and hides behind his fake smile and charm, must surrender hence forth to the man screaming for the right to live his life. First, for anybody that has ever wasted a night of sleep crying or worrying over my dumb actions I apologize for not being a strong enough person to contemplate the consequence of those actions. Second, for the people who stood by me knowing full well I was a monster but saw the potential that I lacked to see within myself up until a short time ago. And third to the man that I now am from the boy that used to dwell inside that reacted on pure emotion and raw energy, I apologize to myself for 19 yrs. of stupidity. For those of you that knew me for who I was, I am both sorry and happy, for the times spent, we had laughter and there was tears, broken dreams, high hopes and shattered hearts. To the people that know me now as the man I am learning to be, I seek nothing more than friendship and loyalty for my respect is earned not given. No longer will I sit idly by and watch you destroy my life from the inside posing to be my friends. This Has Been My Confessional Evolution It Was More For Me Then It Was For You Just Wanted To Right Some Wrongs And Clear My Head Good Night My World For Tomorrow Is Another Day…


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