Aldo Luango

You can tell (by the small blue corner dot) that I found this art piece at a wonderful Second Chance Art fundraiser (hosted in the spring by the Heritage Rotary Club). It was the first piece that I saw. I pulled it from its place and held it. The artist is Aldo Luango. The compelling image touched me deeply.

I wanted to explore the rest of the pieces displayed. I reluctantly put it back in the row of other art and checked periodically as I walked the aisles of art being offered a second chance at being owned and loved. I rechecked a few times and it was still there. I finished my tour and headed for the first aisle to retrieve this treasure. A man was there, holding this piece in both hands and looking at it. He lingered. I held my breath. I watched. Minutes of regret that I would lose the only piece here that connected to my soul. Slowly he replaced it in the row and walked away. The distance to the picture disappeared as I rushed to capture and hold it to my chest with both hands.

I spend time with it every day while I do the minutes of my no resistance bike time. 

Acquiring an object with deep meaning is a gift. I have not yet tried to write about or describe this image. I just see it as a beautiful statement of trust, of an adult protecting and caring for a child, of the sufficiency in any place in time that children are shown the world their adults/parents see, and so develop their world view. Parents/adults who stop and contemplate and nurture the existence of a relationship with a child give children a foundation for their lives and a meaning and purpose for their own choices.

ALL adults serve this purpose and opportunity. Being yourself with a child is the most significant impact you will ever make in your world. Children build themselves out of the messages and experiences we give them as the ‘taller’ ones in the room. And we each choose every day the messages children will learn from us.


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