I have just listened to Pink Floyd

I have just listened to Pink Floyd ‘Comfortably Numb’ and ‘We Don’t Need No Education’...

This combined in my thoughts with a reflection yesterday on the Sociology of Hope. 

One of the summary elements of ‘hope’ suggested that the ‘way’ to hope is achieved in ‘thinking’. 

Thinking activates hope.

‘Comfortably Numb’ also originates in thoughts. It describes a choice to recognize – yet ignore – all cues/indicators of moving beyond the current reality.

Perhaps a further example: the strategies offered to persons without homes have been noted to nurture ‘no thinking’ as a survival technique – an unintended consequence of ‘manage and control’ strategies. The perceived upside is that people / leaders ‘earn stars’ because they are ‘needed’.

“We don’t need no education.” underlines this strategy. ‘No new ideas’ holds the status quo in place. Pink Floyd put these thoughts to music so we wouldn’t forget this awareness.

The removal of thought directly attacks purpose and making meaning in our lives. 

Thinking is generative. We shrink and crumble inside without it.

New ideas are everywhere. The network in our brains connects in new ways – and unfamiliar pairings produce new perspectives. Every day I am grateful for the capability of my brain and for the freedom to use it and share it and nurture it – and enjoy the results of the creative process that occurs between my ears.

When we hear young people speak about hope in understanding their value and capability, we observe joy and energy and experience the same.

There is no room for numbness. And ‘comfortable numbness’ is cause for alarm – a danger sign for an individual person, and an impactful threat toward the disintegration of a society. 

Our response with action is required. 

Voting is not the first step. Paying attention and caring is. 

Action follows ‘caring’.

We owe this commitment to our children and young people.

They learn what they see others do.

‘Comfortably Numb’ gives them nothing to go on.

They need to build on the energy and purpose we offer them.

The immeasurable potential in each new baby becomes exactly what we encourage and allow in our society, either by commission or omission.

It is not just about parenting. 

This is about all of us. 

Ignoring this opportunity is not just to our peril, but also a full impact for the person this baby is becoming.

It is about the collective responsibility we accept as members of a society. 

Our children and youth are our ‘national treasure’, a treasure entrusted to ALL ADULTS.


Let’s do … what we can… wherever we can …

Thank you, Pink Floyd, for nudging us.


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