What Motivates You to Make Changes in Your Life?

Over the past 6 months, my husband and I have been really battling with our addictions. So much that our relationship & future depend on it. It has slowly gotten easier and easier, not to mention more comfortable to be just – sober. With that being said, there has still been slips and falls, but with every fall we can witness first hand how much we change not just how we act, but what we say and what begins to matter.

The first day is usually okay, but as the relapse progresses we begin to tear down all the walls we carefully built up. We start bickering, then that turns into battles, which then turn into deep cuts. Cuts that can be healed, but never forgotten where they came from.

My motivation is the complete whole-hearted love, happiness & joy that is so over-whelming and truly something that can & shouldn’t be destroyed or taken for granted let alone thrown away for a substance so close to just…garbage.


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