Healing Journey

Taking all the bad toxicity in my life, 
One day at a time.  
Will make it right. 
Learn to let go of what was, 
and accept what is. 
Need to focus on myself 
and face my fears 
of being alone. 
Putting my past behind me, moving on, 
but never will I regret, 
because it’s made me who I am today. 
Through the hardships that I’ve been thrown, 
good or bad, 
I’ve gained knowledge through it all.  
This is me seeking for help, 
to better myself, 
for myself. 
Need to get my mind right, 
learn to love myself again, 
before I can love anyone else. 
Today is the first day 
of the rest of my life. 
Healing journey starts now! 

A Young Aboriginal Woman

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