It takes great effort – Volunteer Story

Changing one’s beliefs is never an easy task. Vast amounts of research attests to the fact that most of what a person believes to be true is set within his/her mind by the time he/she is seven years of age. It takes a great effort, or a dramatic life changing event to cause a change in belief. For some people a change in belief can take years to happen. For others change in what they believe happens in an instant. Volunteering at The Doorway has allowed me the opportunity to see such change happen. I have seen how young men and women come in our door with negative limiting beliefs about life and themselves. By journeying with participants through the contracting process, I have seen how at times slowly, and at other times in a magical instant, change begins to happen. Where there was doubt, self-assurance starts to grow. Negativity begins to be replaced with the positive aspects of self-acceptance. Participants, who have been among the people of society who had no voice, find that their thoughts, feelings and words do matter. As their voices become stronger, their concern for others becomes expressed in new varied ways.

A Volunteer at The Doorway

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