COVID-19 Update

We are living in unprecedented times. Our space, and our young people’s “home away from home – even when I didn’t have a home” was forced to close. But our commitment to them hasn’t wavered, and our staff have worked tirelessly to redesign our service delivery methodology to a distance approach. As a result we have kept our young people thinking, planning, problem solving and in touch with people who care and know them really well. Resiliency is the strongest outcome at this time and we know their planning processes equate to this. Participants are utilizing our planning tools online and reviewing their plans with us over the phone and WhatsApp. They are still earning incentives, paid online, which is providing a much needed source of income. We also have been able to deliver some basic food and hygiene supplies to those most in need. Thank you for your support in the months leading up till now including donations of popular items. Unknowingly you were preparing us for the pandemic and thank you to those who have given to help us prepare for the financial impacts of COVID-19.

We have stayed in contact with over ¾’s of our participants and continue our efforts to reach the rest. All participants we have talked to are healthy at this time. Overall the participants have been able to find safe people and places to stay. They have been creative in taking up new hobbies such as; baking, cooking, taking baths, song writing and doing Youtube yoga/work outs. Majority who work have been laid off work unfortunately and are applying for benefits. Some participants are considering employment or have obtained employment at grocery stores or other essential services. Others, who have struggled to brave employment are now curious and have their eyes on the online job market. Those staying at shelters are problem solving how to exit these high risk living situations. Other challenges have been; visits with kids being canceled, living full time with a significant other, and parenting without playgrounds and playmates. Much like the rest of us they are cautious and apprehensive but are finding the silver lining.

As our city begins to reopen services The Doorway will determine where we fit in the process and carefully plan when/how. We are committed to providing our distance process until and after we reopen, as we understand people will resume ‘business as usual’ at their own pace.

Your support has been so valuable during these times. Our needs have increased and as you know we receive no ongoing funding from any level of government. With your help we raise every dollar necessary to facilitate our process. Sadly, we had to cancel two fundraising events this spring which would have brought our community together. Thank you to those who have directed their donations to Shaw Birdies for Kids matching program hosted by Altalink. We are very grateful for your belief in our participants and want to thank you for Making Change Possible.

“I realized I need to keep myself busy during quarantine and that’s what I’ve been trying to do. Either drawing or making things or trying out new recipes. Just anything that can keep me away from the idea of relapsing. I know I’m better and more clear minded when I’m away from substance abuse and that’s the way I want to stay!”
-A Participant, April 2020

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