MD Checking In

Art work by: Marilyn Dyck

Participants, Staff and Friends

“We can’t tell which way the train went by staring at the tracks.”

hello everyone!

I was invited to send a note to let you know how life is playing out for me ‘after The Doorway’… Thank you for your care and solidarity! It has only been a few months! My concept of how much time I have is a big change. But I have found out I have too many ideas all at once for the amount of time I have.

When I was packing my books and art and ‘stuff to take home’, I wrote down many things that we learned together. I wanted to tell the whole world now that I would have extra time. But my family and friends have pointed out that I need to take time to relax, listen to music, drink coffee and not have a schedule.

I miss the chances to talk to young people… and I miss Carolyn’s perogies. What I will miss most is the space where we all are safe to talk and think together. I have known since the project started that the world is missing a lot of wisdom because people do not listen to children and young people. I have not stopped thinking about the important parts of our learning!

My brain and my heart continue to think with other people who pay attention to how children and young people experience our society. After I have taken some space for my personal life, my important goal is to imagine an idea that could show our learning and urgency to other community people who are asking the same questions we ask.  

Thanks to all of you, The Doorway Community, for understanding and knowing that the most important purpose of being human is to listen to each other. My passion and vision for children and young people continues with meaning and purpose to be part of seeking others who share our learning.

Marilyn Dyck

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