Hear from Willow

Our process and the relationships we build grow confidence and a better future, hear what Willow has been able to accomplish through The Doorway. 

When I first started going to The Doorway, I was not doing so well. I was fresh out of federal prison, on parole and had a bad drug addiction. I had low self-esteem and absolutely did not see myself having a better future. What made me fall in love with The Doorway was the people who dedicate their day to providing the support and care to the participants. The staff were non-judgmental and made me feel loved and gave me the confidence that I so desperately needed. Through The Doorway, I was able to set healthy realistic goals that would help me succeed and have a better future. They absolutely gave me the confidence and helped me realize that I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it. After being in the program for 2 years, I have now been sober for almost 3 years, been of parole and charge free for 2 years. I have a beautiful 1yr old son and have a healthy supportive fiancé. I am now planning on going to school next year to be able to do the job I have always dreamed of. Without the support of The Doorway I don’t know where I would be.


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