The cities plan to end homelessness has resulted in an increase in affordable agency run housing. It has also lead to a decrease in accessible street level services as a result I believe a homeless individual now has a lower quality of life than 3-5 years ago. There is a lack of safe places for one to just catch their breath or quietly use wifi. Even as a paying customer people particularly “street” people are rushed or forced out. However this is not entirely by the cause of management and business owners. Due to earlier COVID-19 restrictions, for a time all tangible access to resources stopped for a significant amount of time. Bringing not only the provincial and national workforce world to a halt but also those marginalized and homeless lives as well. Due to the complete shut down of resources for a time, something as simple as sending an email or making a phone call became something unconquerable. Now during the second and third wave of covid restrictions the province and agencies have all turned to new and updated resource delivery models, not always at the benefit of the people accessing the services. I am grateful that at least some, maybe 60% of social programs have reinstated some degree of walk in or street level service. Although in most cases the level of services is significantly lower than previously. Without their constant availability, living a manageable safe life on the streets is not possible.   

-A Participant

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