Tyson’s view of himself changed

How do we change the way a young person on the street thinks? We change the way they view themselves! 

I thought that I was worth nothing, so it didn’t matter what I did, everybody hated me or didn’t care. But when I came to The Doorway they treated me like a person, not a disease as a lot of others had in the past. I came here to make a last stand for my humanity because you lose your identity when you’re out there on the streets. Just be honest, how many times have you seen a street kid and not even noticed him? That’s what has killed so many. It’s not just that nobody cares, it is the people that don’t even notice you, like your invisible, but you’re not. Or if someone notices it’s usually to tell you that your scum. That’s happened to me and many others and it hurts so much. I had just shut myself off. But now I’m getting back on my feet and going somewhere in life. I have gotten myself a job and a place to live and I’m making good progress. But I couldn’t have done it without this place where I can come and feel like I am getting the respect and confidence that most people I know take for granted. It’s really cool to know that you are someone that counts, but it sure feels good to hear it once in a while and to be around people that actually believe it. 


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