Everyone has the possibility to change.

When I came to The Doorway I was 17. I had no home, no job, no money, and definitely no joy. 

I’ll be 24 years old this year.  

And many aspects of my environment have changed. My housing and employment are constant. My externals have changed.  

But my internal environment is complex.  

I’m the same girl, yet I’m different.  

I’ve kept my distrust of strangers. I like to always be aware of my immediate surroundings.  

I still assess each individual person and situation. I’ve kept the positive part of my aggression in the event I need to defend myself.  

My positive personal growth is hard to measure in words. I know I have more tolerance for others. 

I’ve learned to allow for some flexibility.  

Everyone, every situation, has the possibility to change – for the better. Eight years I’ve been coming around The Doorway.  

Eight years I’ve always been grateful they’re here to come to.

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