Celebrating Steps off the Street’s BIGGEST YEAR yet!

We are beyond grateful to celebrate the BIGGEST YEAR yet for Steps off the Street! This year our virtual event saw participation from coast to coast, wherever you were in Canada, you made this year a huge success. With your support our net proceeds were $42,000 and with Birdies for Kids presented by Altalink you have guaranteed an additional $15,000 and counting!

We loved receiving your photos/selfies and seeing where you completed your adventures. Check out our Celebration Video to view all the photos! 

Servus Credit Union’s financial gift of $10,000 maximized our net proceeds and enabled us to pursue awareness campaigns while we embarked on our first virtual community event. Their gift was more than financial support, their belief in our our process and their belief that young people are worthy of more than a life on the street was evident by every staff we met extending their skills and connections to us. Thank you Servus Credit Union for your commitment to The Doorway. 

 “Last year The Doorway had to cancel this event due to Covid restrictions and I could see the impact on that through their social media. That’s when I reached out and nominated them, so we can have a way for Servus to give back into the community some more, and help them in achieving their goal of setting up this virtual event for this year. Seeing all of you giving all your time and posting on social media through out the past couple weeks really shows me and inspires me its not just us and so many people want to give back into the community just like we do.” 

-Michelle Quinton, Servus Credit Union 

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