What is Possible When you Flip Traditional Case Management?

We know there are many people like Dee who have slipped through the crack of traditional services, The Doorway provides them with a different opportunity, one that changes their experience and leverages the power of possibility. Our process puts the young person in the drivers seat, leans into the many strengths they have developed while surviving on their own and on the streets and allows them to experience the success as their own. Hear from Dee how planning her own way off the street helped her.

My childhood was dark, I didn’t have guidance from anyone and I was moved around a lot. Try to imagine what it would be like never staying in the same home for longer than six months. It made it impossible for me to get a proper education. By the time I was 18 my family had left me to the wolves and it felt like the few services I had in my life said; “Goodbye have a nice life.”  

I don’t believe I was given a fighting chance. I held on so tight, I did everything I could to not become a statistic. Becoming homeless was very scary for me. Depression, fear, anger, hatred were the only emotions I felt. I can barely put into words what it was like having my life end up somewhere I never imagined.  

I wanted help, but no one was giving me the help I needed. I was at the point of giving up entirely when a friend told me about a place where ‘they care about your future not your past’.  I decided to go… to The Doorway.  

Instead of the usual, “This is what you have to do, now do it,” I heard, “What is it that you want to do and how are you going to do it?” This really took me by surprise because they left it up to me. Their trust made me feel worthy of going to treatment and the person they still saw in me gave me enough confidence to pursue my GED. They talked TO me instead of AT me. I realized that I have the tools necessary to make change, and I was the one that made the changes. 


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