The Word Depression

The word depression to me seems like a word that should be whispered. I felt it was shameful to admit that I was feeling under the weather. It took a very long time to admit to myself. Most of the time I would tell myself that it would go away, until it showed on the outside. Problems started to arise where there wasn’t problems. Most days it felt impossible to get out of bed. But I kept telling myself it would go away. One day I just had enough, I hated myself for letting myself go, I knew I had to ask for help. I cried to my partner, I let myself be heard. Started watching motivational videos, started doing things I liked to do. Things that were fun to me. Slowly things started to feel lighter. When you feel helpless like no one cares, remind yourself you are loved, someone loves you. No matter what you are worth more than you think. Reach out, ask for help. Talk to someone, it does help.


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