She was so young with such innocent eyes

She always dreamt of a fairy-tale life

And all the things that money can’t buy

She thought that he was a wonderful man

Then suddenly things started to change

It was the moment she took on his name

He took his anger out on her face

She kept all of her pain locked away

It was the day that he turned on his kids

That she knew that she had to leave him

So many voices inside of her head

Saying over and over and over…

“You deserve so much more than this”

She was so sick of believing lies and trying to hide

Tired of covering the cuts and the bruises

So tired of defending her life

She could have died…fighting for the lives of her children

Mother all of your life, you have spent

Burying hurt and regret

But Mom I promise he will never hurt you again

For every time he tried to break you down

Just remember who is still around

It’s over and we’re stronger now and we don’t ever have to go back again…

Mother, we’re stronger from all of the tears you have shed

Mom please don’t look back, because you’ll never ever go back.

Mother, I thank you for all you did and still do

You got me and I got you

Together we’ll always pull through…


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