Trust: A Choice I believe every man has the right to choose who and what may enter their life, but it is the discretion of making such decisions that could be the downfall of their sanity. When I mention sanity, I mean to convey it in a sense where you may be haunted by the very words and actions made from such hasty decisions. Such thoughts may cloud reason; dangerous notions may block sound judgement; shattered dreams may destroy life. We are social animals; we need to socialize. It is within our nature to express ourselves through verbalization and physical deeds, whether it’s negative or positive, whether it’s for ourselves or others or both, whether unintentional or not. The need to share life with others is as much in our DNA as oxygen and water. Since the formation of man; since the day you were born and given to your mother; since the first day you entered this world and you gaze across from you and see a child such like yourself, you have a desire within you to reach out. We have a desire to converse; to humour; to upset; to make happy; to do all things within our capabilities. But soon, our desires turn into actions, and we all know actions have outcomes. These outcomes can cause a chain reaction, and affect people far and wide; people we may not even know. We can shatter cities and empires which may have took years to forge with just a single word or action. Everything a man may have built could topple at any moment, unless discernment is taken seriously. Unless we listen to our gut and not our hearts; use our heads and every sensibility God has given us, instead of listening to our own council. Perhaps life may be more fitting to live in; perhaps you may not have to worry about what may or may not happen in the morrow. Perhaps you may want to live just one more day. But to err is to be human; to trust is a choice that comes with freedom of being human.


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