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Stories from Our Year – The Doorway

Stories from Our Year

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we complete the finishing touches on our 2021-2022 Annual Update. In the meantime we hope you enjoy the below stories from young people and our year at The Doorway. Thank you for Making Change Possible!

What Motivates Me To Make Changes 

I stay motivated to make changes because I feel like I deserve what’s going to come of them. I deserve stability in my life. I deserve to be comfortable, to thrive even. I want to get to a point in my life where I don’t feel scared. Scared where my next meal is coming from, scared if I can pay my bills, scared if my income is going to be taken away. I have been through a lot and I just want a nice place with working taps and sinks, hot water and laundry. Food on the table and internet. Be able to buy myself clothes when I need and a haircut when it’s time. I’m not asking for much and I deserve more.

E. Jun 2021

Becoming independent in employment 

Back in May I was getting fed up with my job. I was being written up for not performing two separate and contradictory work tasks to their full expectations. I wanted to report the issue to a manager since I thought it was unreasonable to be expected to be two places at one time, but I had no manager to report to as the position was left vacant for months. 

With the amount of write ups I had, I felt as if I was due to be fired in the near future, so instead of dragging things on when I knew I was going to be out of a job soon, I quit and left on my own accord. 

Through the Doorway I connected with an employment assistance program, I’m now working on job search skills and learning more about stuff like interview skills, how to write a cover letter, my rights as a worker, and more. 

Looking back, I realize I made a mistake, and I’ve learned that in a rather harsh way because Income support didn’t even consider me for financial assistance. I’ve learned that just about anything is better than quitting, but I’ve been taught how to quit in a proper and formal manner with a letter of resignation. However, I don’t think I’d ever just quit work again, now that I have more confidence in myself with job interviews and my work search skills. 

I thought with how long I’ve been working I would have known these things already, but in reality, it’s almost a miracle I’ve made it this far without any of this knowledge and these skills. I’m thankful Income Support has recently reconsidered my eligibility for financial assistance, but for the future, I know now how to do things as they should be done. 

A. Oct 2021

If there is any wisdom I can share with the people out there, it would be what I need to hear right now. 

First off, keep your head up; things may seem rough at times, uncertain. Anxieties try to get the best of you. If you keep your mind set positive- it can help turn a bad situation into a not so bad or maybe even good one. At least to give you a better outlook on facing the future. 

Secondly, is try to take it one day at a time, meaning try not to worry today about the things I cannot change till tomorrow. Trying not to fill your plate too high and keep things manageable. 

Lastly is know that no matter what I’m struggling with right now; know things could be worse and to be thankful for the things you have and that things will improve, just got to stay persistent, life isn’t always suppose to be perfect but try to keep it positive

S. Dec 2021

  1. Where do I see myself in 1 year? 

I really can’t picture it that is a very long time from now and life can change so fast.  

  1. What motivates me to make change? 

Wanting stability and starting a life with someone before I’m older 

  1. What does success mean to me?  

Having a well paid job, good credit and a vehicle.  

W. Mar 2022

Everyone has strengths, even a weakness can be turned into a strength given the right settings or attitude. I personally have struggled with addiction for most of my life. Being told I have an addictive personality, I struggled with a lot till eventually with the help of mental health professionals and some time, I learned to use it as a benefit. I find myself becoming enveloped in things I enjoy or get gratification from (i.e. cooking, gaming, working out or even watching a show) I can use the fact my brain wants to do things to the point I’m sick of them, to get things done quickly and as effectively as possible. This sometimes backfires as I’ll let something take over when I should be focusing on getting something else done but no one’s perfect and it’s all a learning experience. 

T. May 2022

Doorway has been the best addition in my life. 

It has been better days, but The Doorway has never let me go, always cared about my expressions and been a safe place for me to be myself.  

Being in The Doorway reminds me that life has been rough to me and their services have given me a chance at the life I’m building now. The Doorway see’s close to my heart about my needs, my potential, and my goals. 

The Doorway always believe’s in me. They always make me feel I belong. They always squeeze the best in me and find ways for my better future. 

I thank The Doorway for providing the best guidance, the best support, advise, and encouragement and that I who fell down in life have a place like The Doorway that will never give me up. 

P. May 2022

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