When I remember…

When I remember how amazing & special I am, I feel really good. 

               I feel alive, exuberant, energized, powerful. 

It’s like nothing —à bothering my mind matters; concerns, worries, ‘things’ not working out. A realization dawns that they are all thoughts. 

                & as I think, I am, as I dream, it tends to happen in this waking life. 

                              Life in itself, is so much simpler, & not in a boring, nothing to do way, but in a clear peaceful headspace sorta way. 

                              Nothing weighs down the mind, everything is brighter, more colourful,
I notice more beauty & things I like, appreciating all the ‘little’ moments of bliss. 

And creating, imagining, dreaming, is accompanied by a feeling of explosive warmth.
Like a warm shower running down my back during winter… 

                              A weird tingling, stimulating sensation, a knowing that even though I’m not sure how, somehow things do work out.


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