Christmas @ The Doorway

When a youth first comes to The Doorway, they do not have a consistent and steady place to sleep or call home. The Doorway supports young people in sorting out what they can and need to do in order to feel successful and happy. One goal at a time youth plan their education, employment, housing, health/fitness, friendships/family relationships and much more. The complex background behind each youth demands independence and strength and often means they grow up quick, and do not experience true youth-hood.

Christmas is one time a year we have opportunities to make them feel special and young again. Each young person is asked for a $25 gift request. Sadly for some this feels uncomfortable and undeserved. We try our best to create the best celebration possible for them with good food, Christmas baking, people who care and the gift they wanted.

We are asking for your support in collecting their favorite or most needed items and for donations to purchase gifts and food for the big day! We invite you to drop off any items from our wish list, Christmas baking or cash/cheque donations at our Christmas Open house.

Sunday December 15 1-3PM at The Doorway: Bay 10, 2808 Ogden Road SE Calgary, AB.

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