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Community – The Doorway



Providing an opportunity for young people who want to get off the street and providing an opportunity for community members who want to help young people get off the street.

Without community The Doorway would not be possible.

  • Community delivered
  • Community funded

What is the role of community people?

  • community volunteers are essential to the doorway process
  • community members know about living in mainstream society 
  • they are a genuine person young people can talk with when solidifying their plans
  • they are someone who BELIEVES in the young person!
  • young people can learn about mainstream living and community members can learn what getting off the street is really about


  • The Doorway understands the street is a distinct culture
  • young people have taught us leaving the street feels similar to a person moving to a new country
  • norms, values and expectations vary depending on culture
  • with this knowledge The Doorway understands the integration from street to mainstream living as cross-cultural work
  • community members are a valuable reference point and resource when learning what is useful to fit and participate in mainstream society.
  • young people are knowledge ‘subject experts’ when learning about getting off the streets

Want to be a Volunteer?

  • 2-3 hours a week
  • Hours of operation: 8am to 5pm (Mon-Thurs) 
  • Call us at 403-269-6658 or e-mail friends@thedoorway.ca
  • A Resume with letter of interest will be requested
  • More Information

Community Funded

The Doorway is community-delivered and community-funded by supportive and engaged community foundations, individuals, businesses, groups etc.

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Community Investments from Jun 2021 – May 2022

Thank you to all our loyal supporters. You keep our doors open. Thank you for paying attention to young people in our city and to our project.

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