The Doorway Executive Director Transition Plan Summary:

1. The Doorway Board of Directors recognizes they have experience with change management but have never hired a new Executive Director for a non-profit and therefore have engaged Impact8 a collection of professionals who specialize in founder Executive Director transitions for non-profits. The Doorway is grateful to have applied for and received a grant to cover half the costs.

2. A Transition Committee has been developed to support a successful transition, committee members include all Board of Directors (Andrew Hunter, Eeva White, Jim Empey, John Leduc, Brent Olynyk, Eric Dahl), Staff Kaitlin O’Grady, and Volunteer Joelle Church. 

3. This summer Our Board of Directors, staff and Marilyn identified our vision, risks and definition of a successful transition. Open discussions with society members at our AGM showed alignment and synergy. Everyone is strongly committed to young people at The Doorway, the Doorway’s long-standing process and the creation of a meaningful Founder position for Marilyn. 

4.. The Transition Committee and Marilyn chose to hire an Interim Executive Director. The Transition Committee believe a strong candidate who fits our culture and current needs has been found. The Interim Executive Director is predicted to start the first week of December. 

Why an Interim Executive Director?
• It is a proven step that increases the probability of a successful transition especially in the case of a founding Executive Director retiring.
• Provides Executive Director coverage after Marilyn retires so the Board of Directors isn’t pressured into a quick hire.
• Can bring an experienced, fresh pair of eyes to The Doorway thus assisting staff and the board during the transition.

The AGM engaged society members in small group discussions followed by large group discussions to learn all attendees thoughts and questions. To ensure we hear from everyone Impact8 is hosting an anonymous survey (3 questions and a spot for Additional Comments). Your input is valued and will assist us in a successful transition. Please complete before Sunday December 1 at 6pm. 

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