Holiday Casino Fundraiser: One Day Volunteer Opportunity

As with many fundraising events this year, the pandemic has also had an impact on casino fundraisers for many community groups and organizations. The Doorway is feeling quite lucky to still be sustaining our 2020 casino dates for December 22 to 24 and we are looking for your support to ensure the event goes ahead as planned. At this time casinos are planned to be open on our selected dates and there have been many changes made within the casino environment to adapt practices and processes to ensure safety for all guests, volunteers and staff. One change you will notice is that less volunteers are needed each day and some roles have been combined to ensure social distancing between volunteers in the cash cage, count room etc.

Volunteering for our upcoming casino event is a great way to support The Doorway around the holidays. Each year we receive approximately $70, 0000 from our event, meaning each individual shift has the potential to raise $2600 this year! If you are interested and able to support our event, we ask you check our live volunteer calendar and e-mail us indicating the date, time and position you would be available for. 

When: Tuesday December 22 to Thursday December 24 2020

Where: Cowboys Casino 421 12 Ave SE, Calgary AB T2G 1A5

How: Multiple shifts and positions available, all volunteers will be trained on site and require no experience!

Why: Each year our Casino Fundraiser covers the costs of 18 months of rent and utilities at The Doorway.  These funds are critical as our approach begins by giving a young person space. We value providing them with quiet, safety, internet and good food. When they are ready community volunteers and staff are there to listen and support them in planning their way off the street. These same people also volunteer at the Casino Fundraiser and may share a shift with you. We are all looking forward to December! 

We understand not everyone will be able to volunteer this year. We want to thank you for all the times you have previously joined us and we will see you next time. If you know of someone who might be interested pass our schedule and information along to them.

Board of Director

The Board of Directors support the mission of The Doorway through governance, strategy, advocacy, awareness, fund-development and more. Directors meet for monthly meetings either as a whole or in committees to see through successful completion of current organizational needs and priorities. A variety of professional skill sets (ex. law, marketing, design, accounting, event planning, social sector/human services, IT, leadership/innovation) matched with a passion for young people will make for a strong candidate.

  • Minimum 3 year term
  • 4-6 hour commitment per month including a minimum of one evening meeting (with occasional additional hours for extra events and activities ex. Run/Walk Fundraiser or Annual Strategy)
  • Meetings can occasionally be attended virtually and completion of hours outside of meetings time can be flexible
  • A resume with letter of interest will be requested
  • Contact directors@thedoorway.ca

Community Corner Facilitator

Our Community Corner contains basic essential items such as clothing, winter apparel, hygiene supplies, snacks, small housing items etc. The Community Corner Facilitator joins us once a week to sort and store all new donations and fill the Community Corner for the participants who will be arriving that week and in need of supplies. Participants often grab: a fresh outfit for appointments/interviews, a jacket to keep them warm through out cold winter temperatures or a couple plates, set of cutlery and pots/pans to help them cook in their new residence. The saying is true ‘When you look good you feel good!’, especially when you are young, and we take pride in our Community Corner to provide this experience to our young people.

  • 3-4 hours a week (some weeks may require more volunteer hours if seasons are changing we are needing to pull winter back stock).
  • Call us at +1 (403) 269-6658 or e-mail friends@thedoorway.ca
  • A resume with letter of interest will be requested

Cultural Interpreter

Cultural Interpreters directly support young people every day in our space! We are eager to welcome and train new volunteers as we grow a stronger and more diverse group of community members to support our young people. Community members working alongside young people, witness individual Planning Processes and LEARN about leaving the streets culture.

Additional Opportunities

We also engage community members:
1. With professional skill sets that could contribute to the success of The Doorway (Event planning, Fundraising, Research, Web Design, Etc.)!
2. Who have the time and attention to give and prefer task oriented positions (Data entry, Event support, Community Corner etc.)

Please contact friends@thedoorway.ca to inquire.


PURPOSE: Learning the role of community impact for young people

Each Internship Opportunity is determined on an individual basis.

The Doorway purpose and goal for each experience is to maximize the unique fit each person brings to the learning opportunity.  Particular emphasis will be to explore and understand the role of community participating with young people building self-determined personal change.

  1. The Doorway offers flexible internship opportunities tailored to the learning goals of each individual student, community member, organization, … interested person.
  2. Students : We seek 2nd and more years of study as a ground for consideration of your own commitment toward potential personal practice .
  3. Mature students and University and College Practicum placements and are always welcome to apply.
  4. Time frame of each placement will be negotiated on a mutually agreed and created contract basis as required be each individual circumstance and goals.

If you are interested in obtaining an internship at The Doorway please contact us at +1 (403) 269-6658 or email us at friends@thedoorway.ca